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*Fillerina Night Cream – Review

Hello Loves, I have been falling for hues of pink off late and more towards the blush pink sorts. Like anything that I lay my hands on is blush pink. Wonder what I would do if this colour din’t exist or what if it was like limited edition? haha! Alright, let’s head straight on to… Continue reading *Fillerina Night Cream – Review

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L’Occitane Mini Collection – Review

Hello Loves, An association that goes back to about 8 years back – my love for L’Occitane started with its hand creams. While roaming around the streets of Paris on my layover, the decor of the L’Occitane stores all across Paris got me intrigued into checking the store out. I’m a victim of quaint, rustic,… Continue reading L’Occitane Mini Collection – Review

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*Institut Esthederm – Review

Hello Loves, Hope you’ve all had fabulous new year celebrations! New Year vibes are extremely fresh, positive and feels like you can achieve anything under the roof – each day is a door to a world of opportunities! On that note, I’m quite excited to share my review on Institut Esthederm products today. Institut Estheserm… Continue reading *Institut Esthederm – Review

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What’s your Glamglow mask?

Hello Loves, This blogpost will be targeted towards skincare and facecare weekly rituals. We all have our favourite face masks and the ones we totally can’t do without. I love taking time to unwind, watch my fav tv series, sit with a cup of coffee and cake ofcourse and above all giving some much needed… Continue reading What’s your Glamglow mask?

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*Soothing Body Oil by Shiffa Dubai

Hello Loves, Body oils have been the least talked about on makeup and beauty forums/blogs but are absolute essentials in day to day life. I have been a sucker for organic body products and I have fallen in love with this line called Shiffa. Having lived in the Arabian land for all my life, I… Continue reading *Soothing Body Oil by Shiffa Dubai

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Its all about that LUSH life!

Hello Loves, Today’s blogpost is going to be all about that LUSH life!!! I think, I always find myself trapped in a rustic, floral & fruity dream world where everything smells so edible but its totally not and here I’m talking about entering into a Lush store. I’m sure if you are a lush addict… Continue reading Its all about that LUSH life!

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*Sephora Haul & Summer Launches ’16

  I recently had the opportunity to attend an event organized by Sephora Middle-EastΒ to showcase their new summer launches and world famous brands now joining the league here in the UAE.Β As always, its an immense pleasure attending beauty events and Sephora tops it all… and it goes without saying for the ‘Sephoraholic’ in me!! There… Continue reading *Sephora Haul & Summer Launches ’16