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I have been falling for hues of pink off late and more towards the blush pink sorts. Like anything that I lay my hands on is blush pink. Wonder what I would do if this colour didn’t exist or what if it was like limited edition? haha! Alright, let’s head straight on to the Fillerina Night Cream review – to know my thoughts on it, keep scrolling!

I got sent this as a PR sample and honestly, it was like the angels were listening, the moment I just said to my self I need a skincare night regime, someone knocked at the door and I received the Fillerina Night Cream. Is it Xmas already though…. Santa came in early! 😀


The first impression of the cream is that the packaging is basic in the real sense of the word. More like the pharmacy products or like the tube ointments. The size of the tube is pretty generous and the amount you require is just about a pea size or slightly less.

The texture is thick but non-greasy. If a cream is non-greasy, I’m bound to like it more. Once applied in circular motions all over the face, the cream gets absorbed into the skin very well. While you apply the cream – I would recommend massaging it gently in order to stimulate blood circulation and help relax your facial muscles. The skin instantly feels supple, nourished and like its got food. Grade 4 has an intense formula and more amount of hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep inside to fill in the fine lines and appearance of wrinkles.

Although, Grade 4 is slightly more than what my skin requires but I still went and tried it out anyway in order to test and see how my skin feels. What I absolutely loved was the fact that my skin felt plump and like I just got a boost collagen treatment done. Loved the way it worked on my skin and even if you don’t have evident wrinkles or fine lines – it’s always great to start taking care of it before they appear out of nowhere. The best part? I felt that it evened my skin tone, with a healthy glow and felt great even when I washed the face of. If you are in your 30’s this is one cream you would want to get your hands on – who wouldn’t like a botox without the splurge and pain?!

In order to concentrate on certain areas such as around the mouth, nose, eyes etc. You can go ahead apply just in the areas you really need it and skin the rest of the face. Depends and what your face really requires. All in all, I would say that if your looking for a night cream that makes you look a decade younger after religious use, picks your skin up after a crazy hangover, sleepless nights if you have had a baby or work around the clock then this is it. Your hunt stops right here.

Item: Fillerina Night Cream – Grade 4

Rating: 4.5/5

Retailer: Leading pharmacies across the UAE

I hope you enjoyed reading the review. What is your favourite night cream? I look forward to your comments down below.

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