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I’m quite excited to share my review about one of the best masks out there in the beauty industry. I have reviewed three of the Glamglow masks before and this one is a fab addition to the collection. 4 masks – tried and tested and they surely live up to the hype! Let’s get right into the review to know about how the mask has performed and whether its something that you will lust over or if its its worth the buck?




The packaging is quite classic glamglow – high shine and a finish that stands out. Glass jar that holds quite a good amount of product inside and has a luxe feel. Has an intact peel off cover on the top to protect from leakage and a screw lid that makes it leak proof. The size is quite travel friendly too.The masks come in different colours and this particular one is in blue – as its the limited edition Sonic range. Glamglow masks come with a small sized brush which is perfect to apply the product seamlessly.



Texture & Performance

The limited edition sonic blue has the same formula as that of the Gravity Mud regular that comes in silver. The texture is pretty thick and is honestly paint like. When I was about to apply the mask on to my face, it literally felt like I was about to paint it with a thick coat. It smells like a hint of coconut but slightly more stronger than that. Apply a generous amount all over the face – leaving the hairline and eye area untouched.

After waiting for about 30 mins, I peeled off the mask and I was quite looking forward to a firmer skin that I had already started feeling when I applied the mask. In about 2 mins, you feel a slight tingle and you know the mask is working on your skin. Right after I peeled it off, there were bits and parts that din’t come off during the peel off – so I had to scrub it off with warm water. The texture is slightly tough to get rid off, so you might want to be gentle and have patience.

My skin felt firm, soft, subtle and BRIGHT. It kind of felt like it wasn’t my skin – I mean its for real that these masks live the hype! The pores looked minimized and the moisturizer looked extra bit nice and the overall texture of the skin appeared even. For best results you can apply it twice weekly or a few hours before you apply makeup for a special occasion.

Overall, I would recommend it for all skin types and it really does work wonders for that buck you pay. It can get slightly messy but thats with most face masks and in the end you gotta deal with something to gain something! 🙂 I’m in love with Glamglow masks forever and can’t wait to try the remaining ones in the line up!!

Item: Glamglow Gravity Mud Mask Sonic Blue

Rating: 4/5

Retailer: Sephora

Price: AED 320

For more information on Glamglow please log on to: https://www.sephora.ae/en/brands/glamglow

I hope you enjoyed reading the blogpost. I would love to hear from you on your fav masks??

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