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An association that goes back to about 8 years back – my love for L’Occitane started with its hand creams. While roaming around the streets of Paris on my layover, the decor of the L’Occitane stores all across Paris got me intrigued into checking the store out. I’m a victim of quaint, rustic, floral and Provence like details and decor – and it did not take me a minute to get into the L’Occitane wonderland of absolutely stunning products put together by team L’Occitane.

I always take the time out to admire and adore the beautiful store and of-course the products that I get my hands on. I was once travelling on-board from South of France and someone from L’Occitane was travelling on onboard as well and he got on to explaining about how the ingredients are sourced, what the story is and how it all started. I love learning about businesses that have started on a low scale but have flourished over time to an unimaginable scale. This review is going to be about a few more products that I got my hands on and I would love to share my experience with you guys – to know about my favs please keep scrolling!


L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil

Almonds have been known to have exceptional nourishing, moisturizing and smoothening properties from ages. It is the most preferred ingredient in handcreams, face creams and so on. This is the first time I have tested out a shower oil that has almonds and it totally is out of this world. I mean, although I’ve known the brand for almost a decade, why din’t I ever try out this range – I mean, dry skin problems are soaring during the winter months and this is such a rescue. On a serious note guys, I’m no skin care specialist but based on my experience this is a faaaaabulous shower oil. When you take the required amount on your shower puff – it comes out gel like and once spread all over it starts converting into a cream form, that is extremely moisturizing with a delicate scent and leaves a gorgeous trail almost through out the day. I tend to skip the moisturizer after the shower at times – its that good!! Although, lathering on the moisturizer is a great plus after shower.


Almond Hand Cream

This is an all day moisturizing cream that has a medium thick consistency which includes almond oil and almond milk. The formula is non-greasy and gets absorbed into the skin for hours together. Its a great travel size cream that fits into the smallest of toiletry/makeup pouches. It leaves a mild scent on the hands when applied and moisturizes a great deal. One of my go-to hand creams!


L’Occitane Relaxing Shower Gel

In short, this is like a trip to the spa/retreat and back! This shower gel belongs to the Aromachologie range. The word Aromachologie is an explanation in itself – this range is targeted towards the importance and essence of essential oils that help relax, rejuvenated and calm your senses. It is a uni-sex fragrance as well and can be used on a regular basis or when your burnt out of working and slogging for long hours and look forward to that relaxing hot/warm shower that helps take the tiredness off from the day. The shower gel is infused with Lavender and Rosemary oils that work towards relaxing your senses and well being. The scent is delicate yet 100% natural as it claims. One shower gel that my husband can’t live without!!


L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream

Benefits of Lavender are largely known for its relaxing and calming properties along with its ability to fight insomnia. The texture is more hydration and fairly light as compared to the almond cream. If you are a Lavender lover then this cream is going to be up your alley. Shea butter along with the lavender essence leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth and non-greasy. It also has a very subtle scent that is oh-so-gorgeous and I can’t get enough of! Excellent for getting a good night’s sleep too – dab some on your hands and spray some lavender drops on your pillow.


L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Shower/Bath Gel

A gorgeous spring and summer shower gel that is enriched with cherry extract from Provence, as it claims. The fragrance is a paradise for floral fragrance lovers and I’m obsessed with the fragrance. I look forward to my showers a lot more only to enjoy the lasting trail that it has on my body. I absolutely love the entire range from the body milk to the hand cream and the perfume. The packaging gives out spring vibes for sure and it delivers exactly what it claims. The formula is gel like to start with and then forms a luxe lather when rubbed on to the skin. This is a MUST HAVE!!! You can thank me later for the recommendation.


L’Occitane Peach Bath Cube

Summer vibes yet again, and this bad boy smells like OMG soooo good – to the extent that if you have this lying unopened in your bathroom, the whole place is going to smell peachy. Love the fragrance, hands down! The peach extract leaves the bath tub with a trail of fruity scent that is quite mild yet refreshing. Excellent for summer dips and kids tend to enjoy the colour and the fragrance too! I love the size that it comes in, its so cute!!


These were mini sizes that I picked up because I was travelling and it was also a great idea to test and try what I like and what I don’t like. There is nothing that I don’t like and this goes for almost all the products from L’Occitane. No guys, I’m not biased or anything but its just that the products are outstanding!!! The ones I can’t live without are – The Almond shower gel, Lavender hand cream and the Cherry Blossom shower gel & cream. 


I will highly recommend buying the smaller versions as you can have a fair idea of what your really inclined towards and then go ahead and stock up on the full sized ones.

For more details and information on products please log on to: http://ae.loccitane.com/

Rating: 5/5

Retailer: L’Occitane stores

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