Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette – Review

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Hello Loves,

Omg I really can’t contain my excitement – I’m officially in LOVE with the Tartiest PRO Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte Cosmetics. I mean how gorgeous is this palette?! One of the best makeup launches of 2016 hands down. I was lusting over the Pro palette ever since its release in the states and finally when it launched here, I visited the closest possible Sephora store to only learn that its already outta stock. I had to patiently(not patiently) wait for them to re-stock the palettes. I dreamt, I dreamt and I dreamt until I finally got my hands on it.

If you have been having second thoughts about the palette or you just want to know whether the palette is worth the buck or not then just keep reading down below.


The eyeshadows hold up in a classy plastic casing which closes intact – much like the Tartlette palettes but just that this one is larger in size and consists of more colours. It has a matte black top and a shiny gold interior with eyeshadows beautifully tucked in. The black top is matte and holds on to dust and fingerprints quite a bit and the same goes for the inner bit. Although, you can use a soft cloth to get rid temporarily. The entire packaging stands out and is an eye candy for sure.

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Overview and Texture

The palette contains 16 matte longwearing and highly pigmented shades with 4 duo chrome ones. The eyeshadows are infused with Amazonian clay for super soft blending and flake resistant wear. The eyeshadows blend like a dream and a little dab works a long way so be careful there – try not getting a lot of product first off! Its a pleasure working with shades that are buttery soft in texture. They work even better if you have an eye shadow primer or a base underneath them as the formula is velvety and it needs something to hold on to. I usually use an eye primer or a concealer on my eyelids for best results. You can easily create more than 100 looks with these stunning shades and the best part is the colours are very wearable for all skin types. I would say that majority of the colours bend towards cooler tones and a few towards the warmer tones.

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16 Matte
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Row 1 swatch
Row 2 Swatch
Row 3 Swatch
Row 3 Swatch
Duo Chrome Swatches
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4 Duo Chrome

The palette is designed in such a way that if you go horizontally row by row you can create one look – the extra bit of the duo chrome buttery soft shine is an add on. You can decide weather you want to wear it or leave it as matte as it can be. Ever since I have got the palette, I have been wearing the duo chrome ones over the matte ones for the most part and they look brilliant. You can also use combination of colours and experiment with looks that you desire. Bare in mind that the top two, white and off-white ones are a little powdery so you might want to be light handed while working with them.

I’ve created a look using Drama and Vamp on the crease, Edgy as the transition shade followed by No filter on the eyelids. I’ve then finished the look with Minx on the center of the eye lid to add a bit of drama to the entire look.




My favourite matte eyeshadow palette ever!!! Its totally worth the buck, although it falls on the pricey end but delivers a smooth, flake free finish that has zero to minimal fall out and contains natural ingredients. Its a WIN for me!! Moreover, the colour selection is phenomenal. If you are lusting over it too, I would say its a green signal from me – go for it!

Item: Tartiest PRO Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte Cosmetics

Price: AED 260

Retailer: Sephora

Rating: 5/5

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