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Hope you’ve all had fabulous new year celebrations! New Year vibes are extremely fresh, positive and feels like you can achieve anything under the roof – each day is a door to a world of opportunities! On that note, I’m quite excited to share my review on Institut Esthederm products today. Institut Estheserm is a French brand founded by Jea n-Noël Thorel who is also the creator and founder of another renowned skincare line – Bioderma.

I recently received the products on my beauty desk and I was pretty intrigued to test them out(a few perks of being a beauty blogger is to test out sample/products from various brands). If you are interested in knowing what my thoughts are on the Hydra System moisturizer, Derm Repair Serum and the Photoreverse Anti Dark Spots face care, then continue reading down below. The review will targeted towards the feel of the product, the way it works on the skin and what the final result is.

Hydra System Aqua Diffusion Care – Moisturzier



Hydra System: Considering my skin which is dry for the most part and now during the winter months it gets extremely dehydrated, I think Hydra System is a magic cream. After the first test on my hand and I was like OH-SO-AMAZING!

I’m constantly on the hunt for deep moisturizing creams and usually the ones that are not heavy in consistency. I don’t enjoy the heaviness/greasiness of a cream on my face. Hydra System has been my top choice ever since I’ve got my hands on it. It feels gel like and gets absorbed onto the skin in no time. It immediately firms, uplifts, moisturizes to a great deal and works as a fabulous makeup base. Once you have a great base, your makeup will automatically stay on well. The skin feels soft, supple, extremely hydrated and it lasts for the whole day – hands down!!! This one is a real thirst quencher. If your on the look out for the most hydrating, light weighted moisturizer you know what you can now consider buying.

Derm Repair Serum



Derm Repair Serum: Is better known as the “Skin Architect”. Its properties work towards skin firming and diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles. Although, I don’t fall in the age group to sort of use firming serums but in order to test out the product I did try it out. Also, one can use it to prevent the signs of aging. In the first few minutes the serum starts working towards firming the face and you can feel the skin instantly tightened. The product penetrates right into the skin that helps to regenerate skin cells. Over a period of time the serum helps to reconstruct the cells and it therefore reverses the signs of aging to a certain extent.

The texture feels baby soft and totally smoothes out the skin. It has a distinct fragrance that bends more towards a floral number and definitely stays on for quite a while. Nothing too strong though! Feels fresh and supple and gets absorbed in just about 30secs. Like all serums a small pea sized portion goes a long way. It works perfectly under a moisturizer and does well beneath makeup as well. It kind of works like a primer too while treating your skin at the same time. Absolutely in love this product. A perfect anti-aging serum if your on the hunt for one. I can vouch for this one!!

TIP: Use it around you eyes and mouth and massage in the product well. For best results use it for 2-3 weeks and on-going.

Photo Reverse – Brightening Protective Anti Dark Spots Face Care

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Photo Reverse: Stands true to its name, it literally does reverse the dark spots/hyper pigmentation. After having delivered only recently, my skin has been on a roller coaster ride for sure. Talk about dark spots due to acne or even pregnancy related minor pigmentation around my mouth – I have had it all. This is exactly when Photo Reverse came to my rescue. I have been religiously applying it to get picture perfect again. And, I have to say that it has minimized the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation that was around from quite sometime. It definitely takes a while to show results – so hang in there.

Tip: Apply all over the face 15-20mins before sun exposure as the product can then protect your face from the strong UV rays. You can also apply it multiple times if you are exposed to the sun. It works well under the make up too but can feel a little heavy.

The products are on a pricey end but you do get what you pay for!! Excellent feel and comfort and stands by the claim. I’ve been using them for quite a while and I will want to stock up before I run out!

Item: Hydra System Aqua Diffusion Care – Moisturizer, Derm Repair Serum, Photo Reverse

Retailer: Boots Pharmacy

Rating: 4.5/5

Hope you enjoyed reading the low down on the products. Would love to hear from you on your fav mositurizer in the comments below?


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