What’s your Glamglow mask?

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This blogpost will be targeted towards skincare and facecare weekly rituals. We all have our favourite face masks and the ones we totally can’t do without. I love taking time to unwind, watch my fav tv series, sit with a cup of coffee and cake ofcourse and above all giving some much needed time off to my skin by applying my fav mask. And, by that I mean no makeup, no bb cream, nothing! I think most of us who love makeup can’t live without it and in Dubai even if your heading to a grocery store, you can find people wearing full on makeup! There is no problem with doing that, but I mean, when do we ever let our skin rejuvenate?

On today’s blog I will be discussing my forever love for these beauties by Glamglow. These are the perfect game changers for a skin that is over tired, stressed, dehydrated and that totally needs some TLC or perhaps, on the other hand, if you want to be rocking the look on an event night with a radiant skin and get some heads turning.

(L-R) Youthmud, Thristmud & Powermud


Glamglow masks were founded and designed in Hollywood for professional backstage use and ever since have been celebrity favs and then became available to consumers and are now fan and beauty blogger favs too. Having won various awards year on year for their line up face masks, I was pretty excited to try them out my self and to see if they were worth the hype…. did I say “Hollywood”?! I think it took me one application to instantly fall in love with these masks. I have tried these masks out for week on week basis to give you guys a fair review of what I think about them.


These are little squeezy tubes that came together as a gift for the Sephora Black Card holders. The packaging is pretty basic in this edition as compared to the jar ones that are available in stores and online for purchase. Each tube comes in a different colour representing the mask type. I believe its a perfect try-on strategy and one to get you hooked on to. Well, this is how I got hooked on to Glamglow masks. They are also great to travel with as they can be thrown into the makeup stash with no leakage etc.

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Masks & Application

Youthmud Tinglexfoliant Mask: Contains French clay (doesn’t everything French mean oh-so-good, anyway?), Volcanic Pumice Rock and Green Tea Leaf Pieces. The french clay works towards. The three work together to minimize the appearance of pores, wipe off impurities, provide radiant skin in about 10mins and washes away all the toxins on the skin leaving it baby soft. Apply a thin layer and at first, it has a tingly sensation(that is when the process of treating the skin starts off) but not too strong and it settles down within a minute or two and then has a cooling sensation there after. After a total of 10mins, I wash off and each time by massaging the granules into my skin the result is even better than the first as the skin looks amazingly rejuvenated and radiant. Perfect for all skin types and it says so on the packaging as well. Can be used twice weekly.

Thirstymud Hydrating Mask: For my ever so dry skin, I was quite looking forward to trying this one out. It has an extremely light texture that has a gel like finish. If your looking for instant hydration and a pick me up feel then, this is it. It works like half way as compared to the Youthmud mask. It leaves the skin feeling soft and supple but I don’t think it deep moisturizes for long hours but for a few hours, it does. It works generally as any other mask but doesn’t stand for its claims. Although, It can be used twice a week and I believe it would work well on a normal/combination skin than on a drier skin.

Powermud Dual-Cleanse Mask: It has a medium thick and muddy texture that is perfect for gentle cleansing. The mud-to-oil formula settles into a thin layer when applied. It dries out in no time and the skin feels softer, smoother, well cleansed(which is so imp) and draws out all the impurities from makeup. This mask works well as a general cleansing system for an everyday use or as a mask that can be used twice on a weekly basis. It definitely leaves the skin looking fresh, bright and softly exfoliated. I would recommend this mask for good clean up and smoother feel. Great for all skin types. So hooray!! No thinking twice there!

Top: Thristymud; Bottom Left: Youthmud; Bottom Right: Powermud


Yet again, I will would like to highlight my eternal commitment towards Glamglow! There is one for everyone at least to start with and you will only get drawn towards trying the rest out. For deeper cleanse and exfoliation – Youthmud fits the bill. For instant hydration and rejuvenation – Thirstymud is the one for you and finally for a gentle cleanse and an everyday mask/cleanser for a bright and smooth skin – Powermud it is!! I highly, highly recommend giving these a try. I can’t wait to replenish the Youthmud and try the Supermud soon!!! Call me a Glamaholic….! 🙂

Item: Youthmud, Thirstymud & Powermud by Glamglow

Rating: Youthmud 5/5; Thristymud 3.5/5; Powermud 4/5

Retailer: Sephora

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