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Dubai is known to house the world’s largest brands when it comes to beauty and fashion. A city that has so much happening on the fashion front or even otherwise women here, generally like to keep their hands and feet on point. A manicure and pedicure is something that everyone here looks forward to every now and let’s accept, who doesn’t like getting pampered?!?

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Love Your Nails is a home grown brand based in the UAE and it aims at following fashion in line with cultural and traditional beliefs. With an innovative and creative bent of mind of those who work behind the scenes, have worked together to design ‘HALAL’ nail paints. If you have been in the middle-east or not but if you are of an Islamic origin, you would know what exactly does ‘Halal’ mean and how these nail paints can be worn at all times, that allow your nails beds to breathe.

I was quite excited to review this line, as it comes across as a fairly new formula and a concept that is designed to provide the comfort of wearing nail paints, and keeping in line with fashion and trends along with self-expression. LYN has an extensive line up of stunning hues and definitely has a colour for everyone.

The LYN nail paints are made in France and are formulated using CH2OLOR Complex, that create a healthy, water and air permeable blend of colour that is long lasting and has a stroke free vibrant finish. The one I’ve tried on is in the shade – 034 So fawn of you! I have to say, that I really like the names of the colors. So dreamy and wonderful!

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Packaging: The nail lacquer holds up in a squarish glass bottle with a black top. The bottle looks luxurious with matte golden logo printed on it. The shade, bar code and other details are mentioned behind the bottle. Its pretty clear and precise for a nailpaint description.

Consistency: The consistency is smooth, medium thick and glides on like a dream. The first coat made me fall in love with the finish and the texture is extremely light. This is a nude colour and therefore, it requires another coat for bringing out the perfect colour. 2 coats on, and you have flawless looking nails in no time! It dries up in about 3-5 mins and your good to go. The colour pay off is excellent, undoubtedly!

Colour: 034 SO FAWN OF YOU! is a beautiful nude with a pink undertone. It has pink micro-mini glitters that are only seen through the bottle but don’t show up on the nails when applied. This is prettiness in a bottle! A perfect nude hue that can be worn all year around and is a universal colour that goes with everything. A stunning shade that is also perfect on the professional front and for chic nails. For high – shine, you can apply a top coat.

Longevity: It starts to slightly wear off on day 3 but it can go for longer if you keep away from water. I did apply another coat on day 3, for a fresh feel and it went on for about a couple of days and looked great. I was even asked by my bestie about what nailpaint I had on!

Verdict: I’m so fawn of you :)! I love the texture, the colour range, the packaging and the most importantly the colour pay off. I would highly recommend if you are on a look out for light textured, breathable halal nail paints. Fabulous colours and brilliant quality. I can’t wait to try on some more colours for sure.

For more information on LYN nail paints, please log on to:

Item: LYN Lacquer – 034 So fawn of you!

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: AED 49


Hope you enjoyed reading the review, I would love to hear from you on your favourite halal nail paints?



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