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Body oils have been the least talked about on makeup and beauty forums/blogs but are absolute essentials in the day to day life. I have been a sucker for organic body products and I have fallen in love with this line called Shiffa. Having lived in the Arabian land for all my life, I know that the importance of essential oils for healing and treating holds high importance from back in the day to today’s day and age. Dr Lamees Hamdan is the gorgeous face behind Shiffa Dubai, launched in 2004.

I have heard about Shiffa from loads of beauty experts out here, although I never had the chance to try it out personally. I had the opportunity to attend one of the events hosted by Sephora Middle East and that is when I happened to try the products. Shiffa holds a very special place on my beauty desk as I talk today because it came to my rescue when I was pregnant and I was suffering from a serious rash/pigmentation condition on my legs. I happened to use the organic soaps from Shiffa and to my surprise, the pigmentation started getting lighter and in no time it disappeared. I would highly recommend using the soaps if you have a sensitive skin/skin rash and if you’re looking for a moisturized skin with a baby soft feel.

The Soothing body oil was my favourite body oil during my pregnancy as Shiffa is well known for its oils and most importantly its pregnancy oil. It is luxurious in the true sense of the word and talk about feeling pampered when you’re pregnant, more is less!! haha! Deep hydration, toning, moisturizing, firming and nourishing properties well describe this holy grail oil. I never had to use any other product apart from this oil that worked like magic on my skin. The blend of essential oils worked towards relaxing my senses and relieving stress from a much-exhausted body. It helped soothe away anxiety and reduced fatigue. This oil has been my skin’s best friend ever since and words cannot describe how amazing it really is!!

Jojoba oil works towards softening the skin, hazelnut helps to calm and condition, nutmeg minimizes fatigue and the hint of orange helps to uplift the spirits and enlightens the mood. The sweet bergamot citrus scent combined with hazelnut and nutmeg is light in texture and brings about a sense of harmony and tranquillity. The scent is very distinct and I always look forward to the application and the after feel, as it sets my mood right for the day or night as I settle down for a good night’s snooze.

Verdict: This perhaps, is the oil you should invest in whether you are pregnant or not as the properties are brilliant and it feels oh-so-luxurious. My skin instantly feels soft, soothed and toned leaving behind a wonderful citrusy scent. I would definitely repurchase, once I run out of it as I totally think it is worth every penny spent!! Can’t wait to apply some oil right after this post and sleep after a long day of work and looking after my newborn!! 🙂

Item: Soothing body oil by Shiffa

Rating: 5/5

Retailer: Sephora

For more info on Shiffa, please log on to: https://www.shiffa.com/index.php?route=common/home

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