Its all about that LUSH life!

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Today’s blogpost is going to be all about that LUSH life!!! I think, I always find myself trapped in a rustic, floral & fruity dream world where everything smells so edible but its totally not and here I’m talking about entering into a Lush store. I’m sure if you are a lush addict just like me, you can relate to it. I will be penning down my thoughts on these two soap bars that I have been using for a very long time and I’ve repurchased over and over again. That is some obsession!!! 😛

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Here I can rightly say – Judge the book by its cover OR Judge the soap by its looks! I’am a Lavender lover and anything lavender makes me happy. For this soap in particular, it was love at first sight as it looked really pretty and smelled oh-so-gorg! I couldn’t get enough of the whiff. If you are looking for that well deserved and much wanted bath time, then this soap will be your best bet. French Lavender and Camomile both have relaxing properties and are in perfect harmony with each other to provide the ultimate bath experience and rejuvenate your senses.

Cut from a purple cylindrical roulade, this soap has two layers – an inner pale purple centre and a slightly darker translucent shell. This outer layer is decorated with sprigs of lavender which are encased within the soap and give off the dark streaks you see across the surface.

Apart from its soothing and relaxing properties, its also great for very sensitive skin types; using its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericidal properties to make this an all-round amazing product to use with your skin in the shower. It doesn’t lather up too much in the shower and that is because of the oils present in it but it absolutely moisturizes the skin making it feel baby soft.

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Outback Mate
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Outback Mate

Definitely one of the most eye catching soap bar in store. The first look and whiff assures you of a breezy summer bath to unwind and take down the stress of the day. Looks very aqua like and the blend of striking blues adds on to the fresh feel. On a different note, Lush comes up with really interesting names for all its products and its always wonderful going through them while shopping in store.

Outback Mate is a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint oil and lemongrass oil which brings about a rather refreshing aroma that instantly soothes the senses and calms the mind. It certainly has a very uplifting smell – perfect to unwind from the summer heat that really takes a toll.

The soap gives off a very minty and pine scent that is also combined with blend of citrus. Anything citrus is always up my alley! As you would expect with a soap of this nature, this is definitely a uni-sex product, and one that works best at times when you just need that little extra something to awaken your senses.

It doesn’t lather up generously but it definitely leaves a minty fresh trail on the skin that lasts for quite sometime even after the shower.

I would highly recommend using soap bars from Lush that are vegan and cruelty free. I also enjoy shopping at Lush for the most part because the staff is very friendly and are always encouraging you to try out new launches, face masks, scrubs and a lot more. A splurge at Lush is always worth it!!

Items: Lush Serendipity & Outback Mate

Rating: 5/5

Retailer: LUSH Stores across UAE/Middleeast

For more information on the products at Lush, please visit:

Hope you enjoyed the read and I would love to hear from you about your fav lush products?

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