New additions at MOSHI

A trip to Moshi is all about innovative food indulgence and probably food on a different level for the most part. Moshi in its self is a combination of ‘Momos'(dimsums) and Sushi, and if you’ve missed out my previous review on Moshi, you can click here. Their new branch at Oud Mehta is now operational and is running in full swing. During Ramadan you might want to reserve well in advance or just wait till you get seated… its house full! They also have a special menu that caters to Iftar.

Let’s head right into the new summer menu that is now on offer at Moshi.

Food Truck-530.jpg
Strawberry Mojito

We(Hubby and I) loved the chilled Strawberry Mojito served in bulbs. Did I say innovation?? This is what I was talking about!! Such an amazing way to bring about smiles and a twist to the regular Strawberry Mojito. Its more like you want to keep staring at them than drinking it all.

Food Truck-533
Lotus Milkshake

The Lotus milkshake is a perfect add on to the summer menu. We gulped it down in no time. The taste is on point and not extremely sugary.

Food Truck-531.jpg
Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos Maki

The most talked about item on the Summer menu is the Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos Maki. For all of us who were high on cheetos in our childhood this will bring back loads of memories and hits the spot right on. Sesame seeds on the crust, filled in with chicken and avocado is a perfect combination. The cheetos on the top are just like icing on the cake but they are hot n spicy!

Food Truck-532
Hot Dog Maki

The hot dog maki was one of our favourites too as the flavour of the avocado and potatoes went really well with the hogdog. The sauce compliments the maki perfectly! You can’t go wrong with this one.

Food Truck-534.jpg
Zaatar and Cucumber Maki

This maki roll was one of the most healthiest on offer, coated with generous amount of zaatar, and filled in with cucumbers, feta and topped with an olive. It did hit the Arabian palette for sure. For all the zaatar lovers and for those who are on a look out for an Arabian twist, this is will be right up your alley!

Food Truck-535.jpg
Dhokla Maki

Food Truck-540

Just to give you a little background of what this sushi is made with: Dhokla is a vegetarian food item that originates from the Indian state of Gujarat. It is made with a fermented batter derived from rice and split chickpeas. It tasted extremely good with the perfect compote of dhokla right in the center and with a generous topping of coriander. The sweet-tangy sauce complimented the maki perfectly. This was our fav for sure!!

Food Truck-538.jpg
Edamame and Mushroom momos

Edamame and mushroom momos are for the health freaks out there. These pan fried momos are a great addition to the already exisiting momos menu and and perfect for summer as they don’t feel heavy on the palette and the two taste pretty good together. Don’t worry about your calorie intake while having these!!

Food Truck-539.jpg
Nutella Maki

This is not a part of the summer menu but is a must have when your at Moshi. The one thing that pulls me to Moshi every single time is the Nutella Maki apart from the other favourites, ofcourse! I can wash out the whole portion by myself and no regrets later. A well deserved indulgence. Can’t get enough!!!

I’ve already made a trip back to Moshi after the launch of the Summer menu within a week’s time. I hope your tempted enough to try it out for yourself. I look forward to hearing from your experience and your favourites?

Location: Shop 5-6, Oud Metha Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai OR Opp City Max Hotel, Barsha, Dubai

Rating: 4.5/5

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