No7 Foundations – Review

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Hello loves, today I’m going to be talking about the No7 foundations that I’ve got my hands on after trying out the in store Match Made service and one that I was sent by team Boots Middle East. Now, this service is available across all the Boots Pharmacies and is  specific to NO7 only. It is a nifty little device that helps predict the right shade and type of foundation according to your skin analysis. The experts in store, place a little device on your jaw after wiping out the makeup you already have and then examine the shade that shows up on the device. My perfect match was made in ‘honey’! Well, as good as it sounds!!

Airbrush Away Foundation

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Coverage – Extremely sheer coverage that blends in like a dream. Very serum like/watery texture that settles in the skin like nothing is there but at the same time takes care of those fine lines. Great for those who love the no makeup, makeup look! You can build on the coverage and take it one level up to medium and thats about it. It doesn’t cake up due to its consistency and its perfect all year around foundation if sheer/silky/airbrush finish is what you’re looking for. It does contain a hydrating formula that also makes it look a tad bit dewy.
Skin – Normal and combination skin type.
SPF – It does not contain SPF hence, its perfect to be used where you might get photographed.
Application – It can be applied flawlessly with a brush or even your finger tips. For those who have an oily T-zone I recommend using powder after the application to mattify the shine. The No7 foundation brush is a great tool to apply the foundation flawlessly.
Shade – My shade is in ‘Honey’, which probably was the closest to my skin colour.
Packaging – It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a dropper. Although, I wish the bottle looked way prettier as it eventually has to sit on my makeup desk. Make sure you shake the bottle before use and squeeze the bulb on the top to hold in the foundation.

Item: Stay Perfect Foundation

Rating: 3.5/5

Retailer: Boots Pharmacy

Stay Perfect Foundation with SPF 15

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Coverage – The texture is light weight and settles in to the skin providing a medium coverage leaving a bit of shine or light reflecting properties as it contains SPF. It looks great if you prep up your skin with a silicon based primer. Perfect for the scorchy summers. This foundation settles in a semi-matte finish and if your skin is dry it can leave a patch. It does tend to get slightly oxidized and it can make the skin look darker with a orange hue. It can be a perfect match for those who like a shade darker than their skin tone.
Skin – Normal and combination skin type. I would not recommend for dry or dehydrated skin.
SPF – It contains SPF 15 and therefore, you don’t need to apply SPF before hand.
Application – It can be applied flawlessly with a foundation brush/beauty blender or even your finger tips.
Shade – My shade is in ‘Honey’ again.
Packaging – The bottle comes with a dispenser which is great as you don’t end up wasting the product and just about get the right amount you need. The bottle is pretty basic but good.

Overall, both the foundations are great in their own ways but I have to be honest in saying that I love the Airbrush Away foundation a little more than the Stay Perfect one. I think its a personal preference and I know how some of the beauty industry experts love the Stay Perfect Foundation and is a preferred choice amongst the drugstore foundations. These are gorgeous foundations for the penny you pay!!

Item: Stay Perfect Foundation

Rating: 3/5

Retailer: Boots Pharmacy

Hope you enjoyed reading the review and I look forward to hearing on your experience with any of these?!?

Mintberry xo




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