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Hey Loves,

This is what coffee does to me! I get doing what I’m supposed to for the most part – blogging :P! Its been a while that I haven’t really posted a fragrance review and I have to say that my perfume stand is over flowing with perfumes and I don’t have space for new ones until I empty the older ones or decide to buy a larger stand. When it comes to fragrances/perfumes I think I love placing them where I can constantly keep looking at them while getting dressed. I find it hard to even gash away used bottles as there is always an association to a particular scent or an emotional bond – anyone else sailing in the same boat as me?

Let’s dive into knowing Roberto Cavalli – Paradiso a little better. It is not a brand new launch and I personally don’t stick to buying new releases unless gifted, as I like the fragrance to grow on me or it has to be spritz and love at first whiff! Most of the time I end up purchasing my favourites from the duty free only because the offers are ever so enticing and its always a feel good factor – luxury shopping! Paradiso is an out and out citrus number that settles into a woody and musky scent in a while. For all the floral/citrus freaks this hits the spot. An absolute sprind/summer number and can be worn anytime during the day.

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Design: The fragrance holds up in a crystal bottle with a diamond shaped lid, which is a gorgeous bottle to possess in itself. Its comes across as a great blend of vintage and modern design and something that can never get too old or dated! I instantly feel uplifted and full of fresh and ready to take over the day.

On the first application Roberto Cavalli Paradiso opens to a fairly Jasmine number that then settles a bit woody and overpowers the citrus notes. Once the perfumes settles down entirely the citrus notes begin to unfold and its oh-so-gorgeous!!

It is prettiness in a bottle and a perfect fragrance for those with an inclination towards Jasmine and citrus. I would sum it up as a summer paradise indeed!

Item: Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Eau De Parfum 75ml

Retailer: Paris Gallery, Sephora

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I have this one and I love it! I´m on my second bottle now 😉 Perfect summer fragrance or during those cold winter nights when all just seems gray!

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