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I’m quite excited to share a new app which perhaps is the Tripadvisor or Yelp of the beauty world. Vaniday is an app that enables users to locate, find, book and review spa services from massages, nails, facial treatments, hair services and a whole lot more. I have personally, always had to dig out the phone number of a spa or go to different platforms in order to check out the reviews for the services I’m interested in and it can be a tedious job if you have to open more than 2-3 tabs at once. Vaniday has now come to rescue with being a perfect platform for all things beauty.

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I received a voucher from team Vaniday in order to experience the app and book a spa service of my choice. Just in time for Valentines and I couldn’t be more elated and thankful for that. I have been MIA for quite sometime due to travel and I have been looking forward to some much wanted ‘me’ time at the spa. When it comes to pampering your self and getting your mani and pedi done, don’t we all look for excuses?!? Well, I certainly do and I have to say this time making a spa booking was more than easy. To use Vaniday, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Download the VANIDAY app – its available for all android and IOS users or you can even log on to their page online
  2. Once you download and open the app, you can type in the service your looking for in the search bar.
  3. When you type in the service you will notice that the app directs you to the all the spas near your vicinity which is a brilliant feature.
  4. Thereafter, once you have selected the spa, you can then have a look at the list of services along with their respective prices.
  5. Select the service you desire and click on book – select your preferred time – choose to pay with your credit card/cash and finally confirm your booking.
  6. You can also write in a special comment/request before your go ahead and confirm the booking.
  7. If your happy with the service at the spa, you can then sign up to rate and review the spa! 🙂

My preferred spa for today’s treatment and keeping Valentine’s Day in mind was SAKURA based in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Nothing like polished hands and feet to swoon your better half or a special someone and hence, I decided to avail their Express Manicure and Pedicure service. Here’s a sneak peek of how gorgeous the salon looks like and why I love going there each time. You can have a look at the spa/salon pictures while browsing through the site/app and sets your mood right to make the booking and enjoy the experience.

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I have been a regular at Sakura which is located at a stone’s throw away from my residence. Convenience, service and the staff always make me want to go back for more. Sakura means Cherry Blossom in Japanese and the entire decor represents that. Quite a unique and colourful set-up I should say and the staff are as peppy as the setting looks.

The Express manicure and pedicure took about an hour to finish off and meanwhile I had the time to relax, unwind and enjoy a great pampering session. The staff here are exceptionally friendly and make you feel at home. The service was as swift as ever and I had to choose a red nail paint for the occasion. You can call it chiché, but Red is the word! I chose Apertif from Essie to be precise and it is my favourite red nail hue.

The process included dipping the hands and feet in luke warm water and thereafter cutting/shaping/filing of nails followed by cleaning them gently and removing the excess cuticles. After which they applied a homemade scrub and washed off for a relaxing massage to follow. Right after the massage they applied the my desired nailpaint and I was good to go!

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Just like most of the salons, Sakura was also getting geared up for Valentines. Little details to make you feel even more special! You might want to head there for your share of pre-valentines experience. My service was booked online and I literally just had to walk out after service without having the hassle to smudge my nails while trying to open my bag to make the payment!

I totally enjoyed the swift and easy process of booking through Vaniday and I look forward to using the app again. If your on the lookout for a spa or a treatment close to your place then I’d suggest looking up Vaniday as it helps you locate spas around your area and offers the best bargains as well. There were some salons that I had no clue about that existed in the same area. Thanks to Vaniday for the heads-up and extremely glad to have it here in the UAE. You can use promo codes, discount coupons and get some percentage off while using your cards. For more details, log on to their website:

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