Moshi: Momos & Sushi, Dubai

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My association to tasting Sushi goes only a couple of years back. It was in Tanzania when I first tasted Sushi and developed a liking for it. If I clearly remember, that was in early 2014. It was only about tasting Sushi, slowly getting hooked on to it and never looked back ever since. Sushi for most, is a food considered to be raw, fishy, bland for some and not quite tempting. Considering that Sushi has a distinct taste profile not many would want experiment with having it or fancy it. More so, having Sushi here in the UAE was all about fine dining and there wasn’t really any place that would make you feel at home while you get to taste the cuisine and get tuned to using chopsticks without having anyone judge you.

Rahul Sajnani, the man behind MOSHI has reinvented the entire concept of having sushi. He has bridged the gap between people who have always hesitated to have sushi and to make them feel at ease while they get to try their hands on some mouth-watering creations. MOSHI essentially is a brilliant combo of momos & sushi.

Fact: MOSHI also means ‘HELLO’ in Japanese.

The interiors are pretty quirky, relaxed and minimalistic. Orange, white and black being the dominant colors at the restaurant also resemble the logo. The menu selection is pretty apt and has everything that Rahul has curated over the years with his love for fusion. All what you see on the menu is mere passion combined with some inner chef skills that Rahul possesses.

At the table, Khushi, the lady behind marketing game of Moshi introduced herself to us. Absolutely welcoming, hands on with her approach and that personal touch that is embedded in her, added on to an unforgettable experience at MOSHI.

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Taste palettes from the Middleeast, India and Far East, Rahul has covered it all. A relaxed setting, innovative concept and taking pride in everything that is curated at Moshi makes it different from any other restaurant.

To start with we were suggested to have a refreshing mint lemonade that tasted quite tangy, pungent and a perfect pick me up drink after a long day at work. After a while, I decided order the Oreo shake only because Khushi got me tempted. I have to say these two are a must have and this is just the beginning. We were handed over a whitener to right our names on the old style mason jars. Love the retro bit!!

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Next up we had Edamame that landed on to our table and we slowly got munching on to it. It was a great mix of spices sprinkled on the top to add that extra bit of flavor.

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Moshi Salad

This was salad on fleek!! The Moshi salad consisted of 3 cabbages and a perfect mix of thai sauce and peanuts on the top to add the crunchy bit. I couldn’t get over how yummilicous and refreshing it was!

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Chicken Tikka, Dynamite and Chiken Katsu Maki Rolls

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If your not a seaweed lover or have an inclination towards the fishy taste that general sushi restaurants offer then Moshi is at your rescue. These maki rolls are made with rice paper and lettuce hence, cutting off the fishy flavor. The chicken tikka maki was my favorite from all the three and I loved how amazing the chicken tikka tasted in a maki roll. Dynamite maki consisted of prawns n crab meat sprinkled over with caviar pearls. The chicken katsu tasted great and the sauce on the top added on to the already mouth-watering taste profile. Quite a fusion I should say as I’ve always had the Katsu curry as it is but never in a maki roll. The presentation looked great and very well thought of.

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Next up in line were – momos as called by tibetans or Nepalese. I love, love, love momos and on any given day I need an excuse to indulge in them. There were 4 different kinds of momos on the platter and they consisted of cheese & mushroom, cheesy chicken capsicum, chicken and mutton. By now I honestly had very little space left and I could barely eat. But I have to say I over ate only because the food was OH-SO-GOOD! The warmth and the hospitality that Rahul and Khushi offered was one of the other reasons to eat more than I could.

The Momos can be catered to your taste, if your not someone who likes steamed ones then you can order pan-fried or deep fried ones with an additional charge of just AED2.

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Here’s a flatlay picture of how the food looked on our table. The sauces did the trick and well really well with the rolls and momos!

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Cheesy Oman Chips, Falafel and Prawn Tempura Maki Rolls

As a middle-eastern child born and raised in Muscat, one thing that I’m still hooked on to is Oman Chips. The association goes about 25 years back and counting! When I first heard that the signature maki roll is the cheese chips Oman(on the very right) I knew I would love it right away. For those who have tasted Oman chips know why they taste so good and for those who haven’t your totally missing on to something. For Rahul who is also Dubai born has had Oman chips throughout and it goes without saying where the thought of cheese oman chips maki came into being. Utterly cheesy and coated with Oman chips on the crust and the interior makes it for one of the most fastest selling items on the menu. Dip it in the chilly sauce to add the punch!

The other two rolls consisted of a falafel, hummus & cucumber and the prawn tempura. Again, I never thought that falafel and prawn tempura could taste that good in a maki roll!

Moshi has colour coordinated their plates to code veg or non veg dishes. Orange plates stand for non veg and the white ones for veg. No confusion there! The Veggie noodles tasted perfect and are quite light on the palette as they are made from scratch at Moshi and hence the thickness and length may vary. The noodles tasted so good by themselves but for that extra bit of spice you can try out the sauce on the side.

Likewise, the sticky Chicken Fried rice is the latest addition and is yet to be added on to their list. We totally loved the brust of flavors and the consistency of the rice!

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Nutella Maki, Coconut Glazed momo and Peanut Butter Bars

To end it on a sweet note we tasted all the three desserts on the menu. The nutella maki was wiped off by me in no minutes and is an absolute must try. I’am a nutella freak and this was certainly decadent!!! Rolled in butter dough and topped with nutella… ummhh!

The coconut glazed momos tasted fabulous and great for those who are coconut lovers.. this one’s for you!

The peanut butter bars are gluten free and are perfect for those on a healthy look out of desserts. I love the little slabs or wooden planks the food and desserts are placed on. Quite rustic, modernistic and minimal!

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At Moshi the values and ethics are of top priority. They believe in giving back to the society and therefore 5% of the proceedings go towards the ‘Pending Meal’ foundation that in turn feeds construction workers in Dubai with an extra meal and brings about unforgettable smiles! In a way, each one of you dining in is contributing for a great cause without knowing. Two thumbs up for that team Moshi!

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If given a chance I always make it a point to bring a smile on the faces that work behind the scene in putting together incredible meals. Here are the faces behind team Moshi and the Man himself, Rahul Sajnani(on the left).

All in all it was a brilliant experience and I have only been wanting to go back. You absolutely have to give this place a try that is tucked in the middle of restaurants and cafes that are bang opposite the City Max hotel in Barsha. Quite close to the Mall of the Emirates too. Its a little corner that serves some heavenly food. Keep a lookout while your there next time and you can park your car at the City Max hotel parking lot as a Moshi customer.

Hope you enjoyed reading the review! Would love to hear from you and hope the review tempted you in way?!

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