Amsterdam Day 3

Finally on day 3 my roomate and I were barely able to drag ourselves out of the bed to grab some breakfast in the hotel. It was striking 10 and we had to make it to the breakfast before it closes down or remain hungry till we reached the city centre. After the breakfast we went back to the room and chit chatted till we realized it was 1pm and again had to drag ourselves out of the cozy bed. Utter sluggishness! The feeling was mixed as we din’t want this incredible trip to get over yet wanted to make the most of it.
We decided to walk through the gorgeous neighborhood of Bussum towards to train station and we kept clicking all the way. Again, wanting to make the most of it.

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The Amsterdam Dungeon 

The Amsterdam Dungeon attempts to show history through an interactive adventure.  My friends and loved ones around me know that I DON’T get thrills out of watching horror movies and acts. I was quite terrified of going to the Dungeon in Amsterdam and I was totally dreading it. But, you know how it feels when you have been thrown into deep waters and you are expected to learn to swim after that?? Hell yeah!! My friends were extremely keen on watching the thriller act at the Dungeon and after a lot convincing from them I had to give in. Things you have to do for friends!

Live actors, shows and special effects simulate the historical dark and bleak times. As we stepped inside the Dungeon the first thing we were told was to “Trust Nobody” and as we walked further into it, we were separated into two different lifts and I was the most horrified of them all as I din’t have the courage to walk in alone. I caressed into my friend’s arms as we walked through the different chambers and I was trying through out the acts, so that I don’t get picked on to inact! Omg… jitters down my spine! The theatrical acts were magnificently portrayed featuring gruesome history and was an insight to the tortures and brutality that took place in the 18th century.
In the end, the experience was brilliant, and I thanked my friends later and it is a must visit to get some dose of thrills. 😀
I did not manage to take any pictures inside as it is prohibited.

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The Amsterdam Dungeon

We obviously wanted to visit quite a few museums in Amsterdam and the 1st one the list being Anne Frank’s. It was quite unfortunate that we couldn’t as the queues were never ending and we din’t have a prior booking with us. We decided to leave the museums and the Heineken Beer Factory for our next visit to Amsterdam. Like they say, leave something to visit for the next time.

La Piccola Trattoria da Tonino

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This Italian cafe/restaurant dates back to the early 1900’s and was overbooked. We were lucky to get some space after waiting for 5 mins or so. The interiors of the cafe were rustic, dusty with a vintage chandelier in the middle stealing the charm and guests enjoying a glass of house wine over sunset.
The views of the streets were stunning and we enjoyed doing some people watching while we waited for our food. This was an authentic Italian cafe that served every Italian delicacy that we could think of and we were definitely spoilt for choice. What is better than enjoying some Pizza, Bruschetta, Tortellini, Lasagna and some Risotto to end our day with??  NO, NO. don’t get me wrong it wasn’t me who had it all we were on an eating spree and we all shared the pizza and bruschetta.

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If you are an Italian food freak and the next time you head to Amsterdam, make sure you head to this cafe for a sumptuous meal and divine desserts and nothing like a hot Italian waiter serving you some piping hot food! Hot and hot you see!
Our bellies were overloaded and I wouldn’t say full as we ate more than we could and realized we could barely walk. Nonetheless, It was time to walk down the streets of Amsterdam for one last time before we head back to the hotel. The streets were bustling with locals and tourists, with houses dimly lit and ‘coffee shops’ were sprawling with people from all over! The houses looked very cozy, compact and the buildings stuck together like the keys of a piano. Pretty-ness overload and we simply couldn’t get enough!
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Thank you once again Suno1024 fm and AFC Holidays for a splendid trip! A big thank you to Tehzeeb Huda, Amar and Heena for an incredible company it wouldn’t have been this amazing without you guys!

Until next time…. Will miss you Amsterdam!!
(from the L – Tehzeeb, Amar, Heena and me)

Mintberry xo


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