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This is my first blog post on The Vintage Cosmetics Company products and I’m quite excited to share my review on them and introduce the brand to you. The Vintage Cosmetics Company(TVCC) has recently launched in the UAE and across the Middle East region. The products are stocked at Boots Pharmacy – which is my go to store for all my drugstore makeup.

Let me take you through the background of the brand before jumping right in to the products. The brand hails from the UK and is known for its vintage/shabby chic packaging which is a total swooner! They stock brushes, tweezers, eye-lash curlers, eye-lashes etc. I love everything vintage from home decor to apparels and even makeup.

Its just the look and feel of the packaging by TVCC that did the magic for me. The packaging requires moment of its own and is by far the most adorable makeup packaging I’ve ever seen. Its inspired from the 1950’s glamour and charm that is added on to the beauty tools and must haves in the present day. Honestly, the packaging is so cute you wouldn’t want to unpack it for a while atleast. Take time to admire and adore it – its totally worth it!

I was sent a few products from TVCC by Boots Middle East and I have been using them everyday and I think its safe to say that I’m hooked on to them. I will be reviewing a few products from the line below:


First up is the Shadow Brush – The dome shaped bristles make it for an ideal shadow brush as its easy to apply the eye-shadow evenly all over the lid. The size and the cut of the bristles is perfect. Its extremely smooth to work with these beauties as the bristles are soft and hold on to the product really well. If you require more coverage or require the eye shadow to look more pigmented on the eyes I would suggest spraying a makeup mist on the bristles or dipping it into water for a second before the application. The results are instantly gorgeous. If the product is pretty pigmented itself, then you don’t have to!


Next in line is the Precision Shadow Brush – As the name suggests its merely for precision or creating a cat-eye, smokey effect and defining the crease. Works perfectly well all over the crease swaying back and forth with no friction. The bristles have a pointed edge which is a huge plus as they don’t spread on application.

Each brush has its name on too so you’ll know which one to use exactly and for what purpose. Like all the other brushes from TVCC these brushes are also cruelty free and are made with synthetic hair.


The next product in line is a tweezer which probably is the most gorgeous tweezer ever with floral detailing and a slanting edge. What makes these tweezers different that the others is that they are made from high quality stainless steel and the slanting tip works extremely well for plucking the stray eye-brow hair with precision. You can walk out with perfectly shaped eyebrows in no time and these will pluck out the most stubborn stray hair possible. I think its a must have in your makeup bag!


Finally the last but not the least in line are the falsies. I’ve never really had the urge to try out false eyelashes myself as I’m pretty happy with the length of my eyelashes and a voluminous mascara helps them elongate even more. Since these came in the goodie bag I thought why not give it a try and see how they actually look on me. I was pretty hesitant to try them on at first but the process was pretty smooth and easy like I’m a pro at it. :D! They come with a lash glue and I used a tweezer to place and adjust them on my lash line. The ones in Gracie looked fuller and longer and I really liked the glamorous look on me. Where as the ones in Nancy looked more dense and naturally gave a thicker density to my lashes. For a more party look I would suggest using Gracie and for a natural understated soft look I would suggest the Nancy.
I don’t have a picture in which I’m wearing the lashes but I promise I will upload one very soon.


If you are in two minds or still looking for that chic gift for Christmas, I would suggest these beauties hands down and they will be a perfect addition to your vanity table with cute little vintage detailing.

Item: Shadow Brush, Precision Brush, Tweezer, Eye-lash Curler, False Eye Lashes
Retailer: Boots Pharmacy
Rating: 4/5

For more information on The Vintage Cosmetics Company please click here.

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