Staycation at La Manufacture, Paris


Hotel: La Manufacture

Location: Place d’Italie, Paris

Room: Deluxe

From the airport(CDG): RER B to gare du Nord. Change to metro Line 5, direction Place d’Italie. Get off at Place d’Italie – take one way ticket.

While planning a trip to Europe and most importantly my favorite city, I usually opt to stay in hotels that have true Parisian character. After much research on trip advisor my husband and I finally came to a conclusion only based on the character this hotel offered. Place d’italie is named after a road that connected Paris to Italy back in the day. Surrounded by cafes, bars, restaurants this perhaps is an ideal location and is quite well connected to the city by buses and metro.
More of a student area as there are a few universities situated close to Place d’italie. The vibe is young, chirpy, and calm at the same time. The area around the hotel doesn’t get noisy at any time during the day.





Check In: We checked in at about 9pm in the hotel and the staff at the check in counter was very welcoming and as we were on our honeymoon as a gesture he upgraded us to a Deluxe room. Highly appreciated the lovely gesture from the front office staff who happened to be from Tunisia and spoke Arabic. It felt at home as it was pleasure conversing with him in Arabic and always spoke on a friendly note. The hotel was fully occupied but was extremely silent and I could not really guess that it had 100% occupancy until I woke up for breakfast next morning. We were also shown about the whereabouts on the map and briefed about the cafes/restaurants near by and the breakfast timings in the hotel.

Lobby: Before we entered the hotel I had a huge smile on my face as the building had the typical Parisian architecture, just like how I had imagined it to be. The lobby looked very cozy, vibrant and had Parisian details that totally gave me a sense of satisfaction that this was the right place to be. The hotel had an extremely pleasant vibe with ambient French tunes playing in the background and Parian lamps/candles to add to the entire setting at the hotel. It felt more like staying in a warm and cozy apartment, thats how the vibe was at the hotel. Ahhh… makes me want to go back! There is a bar in the lobby if you fancy a few drinks before you step out into the cold or maybe before you go back into your room.



The reading corner was my favorite spot in the lobby as I enjoyed taking sometime off from the day after running around and exploring the city. It was just perfect to relax and sooth my mood for the day to follow. The bamboo shoots added a great touch to the decor in the lobby and red hues that seemed quite dominant with colourful geometrical canvas on the wall instantly uplifted my mood each time after after a long day.

Breakfast Area

Breakfast: The breakfast area seemed like a small pantry that had chairs and tables with a little inner conner that served minimal continental breakfast. Cereals, croissants, salad, boiled eggs, cold cuts and bread on offer! Tea/coffee were served on request and a choice of two fresh juices were a part of the breakfast. It felt like having breakfast in a dining room with other guests in the morning. A good time to mingle and know fellow travelers.

Room: Deluxe


Located on the third floor, non smoking area, the first look and the feel of the room was great with Parisian interiors that did most of the talking and added character to the entire decor of the room. From Parisian vintage print on pillowcases and the curtains to the wall painting that showcased the main monuments and iconic structures of Paris it was all about the french character. Absolutely how I wanted it to be more or less like. The bedding was basic but good and everything looked spick and span. The energy felt right and calming and there wasn’t anything else that I could ask for.



Room Amenities: The room amenities included a little vanity table or perhaps a work station with minimalistic details but apt for the room and a little cupboard on the side had a safe to keep all your important belongings before you head out to explore the city. The only downside was that there was no place to keep our luggage so we had to place it on the floor which kind of took extra space for us to move around in the room. Keeping in mind we were going to be out and about all day long it din’t make much of a difference.




The bathroom was extremely neat and had the basic amenities. The shower gel/ shampoo and body lotion were provided for along with 2-3 towels. The bath area was quite tiny but had hot/cold water at all times during the day.

Surrounding Areas: The surrounding areas included cafes/restaurants/bars etc and our favorite restaurant was Monte Cassino that offered Italian cuisine at its best! Probably one of the best Pizzas we have ever had. A must try for sure.
The Latin Quarter is 15-20mins walking distance from the hotel. An area called Moufftard, that I have mentioned about in my previous blog is located close to the Latin Quarter situated in the 58th arrondissement. It really is a hidden gem in Paris, I highly recommend visiting the area of you fancy walking up narrow cobble streets of Paris with bars and restaurants of either sides with specialty shops that sell French wines and other products.
If you crave for Asian meals then you have a Sushi joint and an Indian restaurant called Royal Kashmir situated down the road if you take right from the hotel as you get out. The area around the hotel is safe and is great to walk down the streets even late in the night. The streets are buzzing with college students and bar hoppers. There is a Carrefour Market located 2-3mins from the hotel.
The hotel is situated about 30mins away from Champs Elysees.

Place d’Italie
Place d’Italie

Overall Experience: All in all I had a fabulous stay and a memorable experience at the hotel. I would highly recommend La Manufacture if you are traveling to Paris anytime of the year. The staff is helpful and friendly, happy to answer all your questions. Take their suggestions on visiting the near by areas, you don’t want to miss on to them. Excellent stay and I would love to go back on any given day! I HEART PARIS!

Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Staff: 4/5
Room: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

​Hope you enjoyed reading the review. I look forward to hearing on your stay in Paris :).

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