No7 Early Defence Skincare Review


Hello beauties!! I’m quite excited to review the No7 Early Defence Skincare line that has launched earlier this month, here in the UAE. I had the pleasure to attend the launch with Boots Middle East and to learn more on this range. The Early Defense skincare line is essentially targeted towards younger skin and girls in their 20’s. Its a fact that when we you are in your 20’s you don’t feel the need to follow a skincare regime more so, because you tend to take your skin for granted. For the most part, generally the products claim more than they can really deliver and the creams are lying around for years together.

No7 has designed this formula to slow mo your skin and keep it in track before it gets too late. I have to admit that I’m in love with this range and I’m quite hooked on to it already. Its always great to start taking good care of your skin just before the pre-mature signs of ageing and wrinkles start to kick in and not when the damage is already done.


No7 Early Defence – Day Cream

The Early Defence Day Cream is an absolutely light textured cream that comes with SPF 15 and 5* UVA protection. Formulated with a unique double defence technology it boosts and protects the skin from the UV rays, pollution and dust clogging up your pores. It does not tend to block the pores and works perfectly as a makeup base. The texture is non-greasy which in turn helps the makeup stay in place. The cream has a delicate fruity citrus scent and is not over-powering for those who don’t like scented skincare creams. Provides instant hydration, works well on a tired skin, moisturizes perfectly, absorbs and brings about a radiant glow in seconds that lasts all day long.


No7 Early Defence – Night Cream

Moving on to the night cream, this is my most favorite night cream ever. I can vouch for its amazingness over and over again. The one thing I like about night creams is that the texture should be more hydrating and light than being thick and heavy, and this cream fits the bill on that front. It provides hydration all night long and repairs the skin over night, prepping it up for the day. The night cream is designed to boost skin cells and fight the aging process by protecting the skin with deep hydration. It absorbs in smoothly and the skin instantly feels baby soft. You know when a product is worth it and your skin thanks you for treating it the right way, a gorgeous feeling indeed! The scent is quite similar to that of the day cream and the texture is even lighter. Ahhh… so beautiful!

A little note on the packaging: The packaging is spot on as It comes in a classy looking plastic jar, which looks quite high end for the price you pay and has sleek details.

No7 Early Defence – Eye Cream

Next up is the eye cream, that is perfection in a tube! Ever since the first application, I’ve been in love with it. More so, the entire No7 Early defense skincare line has been a charmer. All you need is a tiny drop on each side and it goes a long way. Ultra hydration and instant soothing is guaranteed. The key to eye creams is again, a light hydrating texture that spread across easily without working too hard with it. It works as a great base for an eyeshadow and a concealer. I apply it during the day, if I feel the area around my eyes is quite tired and puffy after a late night, as it instantly lifts the skin around my eyes – giving me a fresher look. The cream is non-greasy, non-sticky and sinks into the skin within minutes.

I don’t think I can stress enough on how gorgeous these beauties are from the No7 Early Defence skincare range, but u’ve got to try it soon and sooner to believe it. The entire line is hypo-allergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) keeping in mind the most sensitive skin types.

For more information on No7 products, please click here.

*The products will be available in Boots across the Middle-east, only by 24th Nov

No7 Early Defence – Day Cream – AED 140
​No7 Early Defence – Night Cream – AED 140
​No7 Early Defence – Eye Cream – AED 95
Retailer: Boots
Rating: 4

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