L’Occitane Hand Creams – Review

L’Occitane Hand Creams

Omg hand creams!!!! I had been looking for a nourishing hand cream with long lasting moisture and hydration for a while now and happened to obviously head to L’Occitaine at the duty free on my way to Netherlands. I have been a great fan of L’Occitaine products for over 5 years now and it is my go to store for all my skin care needs. I purchased this pack that came with two different hand creams of the same size(30ml). These looked perfect for travel and to carry in the makeup case for everyday use.

Shea Whipped Hand Cream: I was so impressed by the whipped cream and shea butter formula that one of the cream has, and I was tempted to eat it at first as it sounded so edible :D. To add more to that as I squeezed the cream out of the tube it came out exactly as whipped cream. The texture and consistency of this hand cream is thick but non-sticky. My hands instantly felt baby soft and smooth and I did not have to keep reapplying the cream inflight. It has a mild fragrance. You might be tempted to eat it… :D. But, Hands down it is a fabulous cream that hydrates, nourishes and protect the skin.

The Vert & Bigarade Perfumed Hand Cream: consists of enriched shea butter and scents of green tea with zesty bitter orange essential oil that smells gorgeous. I could continue to smell my hands over and over again. Citrus is my weakness so this hits the spot for me totally. It has a smooth, hydrating texture that is great for hands and protects them from drying out.
I’m so in love with both these creams and can’t wait to buy the other fragrances too.

Price: AED 60 (purchased from the airport duty free)
Retailer: L’Occitane
Rating: 4

Mintberry Tip: Your hands speak your age so keep them moisturized at all times 🙂

For more details on the UAE store you can log on to: L’Occitane
I would love to hear from you on your favourite hand creams for everyday or travel purposes?

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