Food trucks – the next big thing in Dubai!!


I recently had the opportunity to photograph one of the most talked about mobile food trucks in Dubai. The photograph was featured in TIMEOUT DUBAI magazine on 9th September 2015.

With the advent of food trucks in Dubai it has created quite a buzz amongst food lovers who have been curious enough to indulge in food on wheels. Unlike the west, the trend has only started kicking in off-late here in Dubai. There have been food trucks in Dubai that are stationary and confined to a particular area where as these food trucks are mobile.

Team Calle Tacos

From Hollywood to Dubai – Calle Tacos means ‘street food’ in Spanish and serves everything from Tacos to burritos to cheesy decadent nachos and of-course Quesadillas….Slurppp! You can compliment all of this with Sangria Senorial to wash it all down or other Spanish drinks on offer. Calle Tacos is inspired from the predominant Los Angeles Mexican street food culture.
I have a confession to make – I could barely resist having the food prepared by team Calle Tacos while I was clicking pictures. I only wish I could have it all if it wasn’t for the photos, it looked OH-SO-GOOD! I can’t wait to try it out soon and sooner. Mexican food is one my top favorites on the list. I should say that Team Calle Tacos Dubai is extremely humble, passionate and have a great team spirit! You are definitely in for sumptuous Mexican delights with them onboard.

You can either decide to dine in at a small seating area, stand by the window and peep inside while your food is being freshly prepared or perhaps grab on the go!!


The team behind Calle Tacos

For bookings and more information on Calle Tacos you can log on to:

Thinking about owning a food truck? Don’t hassle, get intouch with Round up, a platform that provides entrepreneurs with food trucks and all the extended support. For more details you can contact Round Up on:

Hop on to Calle Tacos to experience Mexican food on wheels and comment below on how you liked it?

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