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This weekend being my birthday weekend, my friends and I decided to head to Rosa Mexicano at POMEGRANTE City Centre for its excellent food and I think I’m up for Mexican on any given day. It was indeed a great way to kick start the celebrations a day before my birthday and this absolutely made my day.
That being said, now coming back to Rosa Mexicano, the name means Mexican Pink. It is a contemporary Mexican restaurant with lovely Mexican details and pink being the dominant color it is also accompanied by a tinge of orange and purple. The ambiance gives a perfect Mexican feel and is not over done. It strikes a balance between modern and Mexican twists.
As you walk further into the restaurant they have the Mexican Hats, a guitar signifying a perfect Spanish/Mexican setting along with the serape (a soft blanket like shawl brightly colored and has fringed ends), a scenery behind, for a great photo opportunity. You dress on and get ready to get clicked!
This indeed is a great idea to bring a huge smile on the faces and one for the photo album! Everyone who comes into the restaurant likes to dress up and get clicked. The staff extends help to click your pictures or to help you wear the attire the perfect way!
A little tour of the ambience at Rosa Mexicano…
A stylish table setting with a Mexican twist located in a corner… perfect for private conversations!
Gorgeous mosaic art representing the love of colors in Mexico

Getting onto the food! When I crave for Mexican its usually more about the Chicken Fajitas and guacamole which I have mentioned on my blogs before. And this restaurant does it best in my opinion. Their USP is a live guacamole station that serves you a fresh guacamole made on your personal preferences right in front of your table. I like mine to be chunky and medium spicy! I’m very particular about the taste of my guacamole and this one fills the bill… its SO good!

Guacamole Station
Guacamole Station
We decided to have a double guacamole that was good for 4-6 people as suggested by the staff. Little did we know that we were all guacamole fans and it was over within minutes that shows how hungry we were! OMG guacamole!
It tasted absolutely divine just as it looks in the picture. This was a quick shot I have to admit as I couldn’t wait to have it and others were impatient too!
When you get your seat at the table, they serve you with nachos and salsa dip to start with which tastes great and also serves as a good appetizer and its unlimited. I don’t usually order appetizers as I tend to get full really soon. I’m quite a regular here and I know what I want to order so I don’t bother opening up the menu. But, if your new and your trying it out the first time you should go through the menu that includes a great selection from appetizers to main course to desserts and drinks of-course!
Nacos and Salsa
Frozen Pomegranate Margarita
Frozen Pomegranate Margarita is a must try mocktail at Rosa Mexicano. It is one of the most highly recommended drinks out there. Its a fabulous mix of sweet and sour ingredients and satiates your taste buds with both sweet something and tangy something!
It goes extremely well with Mexican food no matter what you decide to order! I’m citrus freak and I love pomegranate for its anti-oxidant property so this is perfection in a glass for me!! If you are a citrus freak then this is what you will absolutely fall in love with. And if you do, come back and drop in a line :D.
For the main course we ordered for Chicken Fajitas, Shrimp Brochette and Vegetarian Fajitas for our veggie lovers!
The chicken and vegetarian fajitas are served with re-fried black beans, Spanish rice (now change to flavored basmati rice) , with mini bowls of mozzarella cheese, sour cream, guacamole and tortillas on the side. The chicken fajitas come with grilled chicken, sautéed bell peppers and onions and I like them well done. On the other hand the veggie fajitas come with sautéed corn, spinach, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers! All things veggie!
Chicken Fajitas
Veg Fajitas
The Shrimp Brochette was made to perfection. It tasted tangy and was cooked to right consistency. The shrimps were cooked and grilled well. Overall the taste was brilliant! A must try for seafood lovers!
Shrimp Brochette

The overall experience at Rosa Mexicano was great. The staff is friendly and courteous. The ambiance is gorgeous as we get to experience the taste of Mexico in Dubai.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog post and the pictures tempted you enough :). I would love to hear from you on your experience at Rosa Mexicano.

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