Maybelline – Master Precise Liquid Liner Review

Master Precise  Liquid Liner – Maybelline
I have always been a great fan of winged liners it takes me a lot to get obsessed with new liners because I usually get too comfy with the existing ones. I was walking by a Maybelline kiosk at the mall and thought why not give it a try?
I think I have been HOOKED on to this liner ever since I bought it and, NO regrets at all!
The application is uber easy, it glides on perfectly well and its perfect for achieving the graphic liner look. It is an ultra definition calligraphy inspired pen liner and it totally feels like your drawing with a pen. It is super quick to use, does not dry out and is long lasting. I so wish it was water proof as well. I have been raving about this liner to all my friends and I seriously can’t get enough of it. The felt tip is only 0.4mm which makes it easier to give definition to the line and has a highly pigmented colour. For a darker line you can reapply till you get the desired look. It has been my favorite travel partner in my makeup bag. I think it is an absolute, absolute MUST HAVE !!! It is a brilliant product for the price you pay.


Item: Master Precise by Maybelline
Retailer: Boots, Carrefour, Centre Point, Maybelline Kiosks
Rating: 4
Colour: Black Noir

Enjoy dolling up 🙂
Comment below on your favorite liners that you have been obsessed with?

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