Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes – Review

Hey Girlies! After being absolutely impressed by the Core Collection – Real Techniques brushes I decided to do a review on them.
In case you are not familiar, it’s a line by well known youtuber and makeup artist Samantha Chapman.
These brushes are of high quality with extremely soft bristles, light shaded tips and are brilliant to achieve an airbrush look.
One uncommon feature – the ferrule of the brush is pretty long than most other brushes.The brush has an aluminum ferrule and can stand easily on the table top. Each brush has a specific purpose and the name is mentioned on the brush which makes it easier to use according to what you need for the look.
Most importantly all the Real Techniques brushes are made out of Tacklon bristles which are synthetic, so they are cruelty free.
The core collection: These are a set of 4 brushes that come in a kit are perfect for travel. I call them my jet setter brushes.
The kit has extra elastic to hold some other brushes as well.The BUFFING brush is my super fav from the core collection set and is great for powder application or to buff the foundation well into the skin. The bristles are semi – flexible and feel so soft on the skin. I think this brush is just an absolute MUST have.
Going on to the next brush, the CONTOUR brush is a smaller version of a blush brush. Its mini egg shaped bristles are great to fit right into the hallows of the cheek to help contour with ease. I use it sometimes as a blush brush as well and works perfectly on the apples of my cheek.
The next brush is a CONCEALER brush. I this this has extremely microscopic bristles which work very well on problem areas like dark spots or marks etc. its a precision brush and I also use it with lipstick for long lasting shape and definition.
The last brush is the FOUNDATION brush. Now, I don’t use it as a foundation brush instead, I use it as a concealer brush for the under eye area. The bristles are too small to apply the foundation and I dont have the patience to blend it in as it can really take time. It is great for final touch ups.Item: Real Techniques Brushes
Retailer: Boots, Lifestyle
Rating: 4.5For more details on Real Techniques Brushes please visit www.realtechniques.comMintberry tip: Wash your brushes from time to time to avoid skin irritation/ breakouts as the bristles can collect a lot of dust over time.

Enjoy Dolling up 🙂
Comment below on your favourite brushes?!

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