Benefit – they’re Real push up liner

After a lot of queries from my friends about the eye liner I use I decided to do a review.
I’m a big big fan of Benefit products I use this for an everyday or an occasional look. It totally does the work for me I think there is no effort that goes into it.
Achieving the winged eye look can be quite a task but the Push Up Liner makes it easy.
It has a matte black gel formula that does not dry out. It lasts upto 24 hours and is waterproof.

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Benefit They’re Real – Push Up Liner
Benefit They’re Real – Push Up Liner

Technique to apply: the pointed end of the liner should face the tear duct (some may use the opposite side but this one works for me) so that it just glides on to the eye while gently pushing away the lashes to draw an easy peasy line. This is the KEY to precision. It works great under the lower lash line too.
It will take a little practice to master the look but I’m sure its worth it by the end of it.
To use the product initially just click a few times and you will notice that the gel starts to come up. Apply a stroke on your hand at first before applying it on your eye. Reapplication over the liner can lead to a flaky/lumpy look. You don’t need a lot of product for one application and yes, go easy on the click.

The downside is that the liner has a tendency to dry up if you don’t use it too frequently so you got to be patient for it to come up after a few clicks.

Item: They’re Real Push Up liner by Benefit Cosmetics
Retailer: Sephora / Wojooh(faces)
Rating: 3.5
Repurchase: Yes

Mintberry Tip: For smaller eyes draw a longer wing to open up the eyes and for bigger eyes go easy on the wing as they can really look very accentuated.
For a graphic look draw a line slightly angled from your lower water line upwards and join the upper corner of the water line to form a triangle.
To remove the eye makeup you can use virgin coconut oil to wipe it off and achieve baby soft skin, hydrated eyes and prevent clogging pores.
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For more details please log on to the Facebook page: Benefit Middle East

Enjoy dolling up 🙂

Comment below on your favourite liners and if these tips were helpful ??!

Mintberry xoxo


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